Intervention is the most important aspect of the work that the SCLD undertakes with students. The following beliefs underpin the approach that the clinic takes to assisting students with learning difficulties.

Intervention for students with learning difficulties needs to happen immediately. Addressing learning difficulties is a race against time. It is a race against a widening gap in academic performance and a race against a deteriorating perception of oneself as a learner.

Intervention for students with learning difficulties must be evidence-based. The SCLD is committed to designing interventions that comprise research-based components and effective teaching strategies. The development of an intervention for students with learning difficulties is best viewed as a collaborative process.

The SCLD is committed to working with the student, their teachers and their family in a collaborative relationship to design an appropriate intervention and provide optimal support. The impact of significant learning difficulties extends beyond educational achievement. 

The SCLD recognizes the mental health and behavioural difficulties that often arise for students experiencing significant difficulties learning at school. The clinic provides opportunities for students to work with a clinician one-to-one or in a group setting to become aware and take control of how they cope with learning difficulties.

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